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iPhone dry bag

  • Product Description

    Gooper's sealing strips are "mistake proof". 
    You do not close the pouch – It closes its self!!
    That nagging little concern that maybe you did not close the pouch correctly, will be gone forever. With Gooper you cannot go wrong.
    Once opened, all you need to do to secure the closure, is to let go.
    Gooper will lock and seal automatically and precisely each time.

    • 100% water proof.

    •  Automatically self-locking.

    •  Eliminating the need to verify a seal by utilizing Gooper’s naturally closed position.

    •  Gooper is always sealed and waterproof until you open it.

    •  User friendly and requiring no effort to open or close.

    •  All one solid build. No added or detachable parts.

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